Scott was born into a ranching family and grew up in the Dakotas and Wyoming, where he attended the University of Wyoming. He now resides in Loveland, Colorado, just south of where he hosts his Annual New Frontier Show and Auction every August. As a young child, Scott had a fascination and interest in Western Heritage. Little did he realize this would become not only his life’s passion but also his career path. While still in his early teens, Scott went to work for several dealers who specialized in horses, horse-drawn equipment, and antique Cowboy and Indian collectibles.

Since the early 80s, Scott has worked for numerous major western auction companies across the United States. As a result, Scott has refined and focused his business model to specialize in Pre-1900 Western Artifacts, as well as Colt and Winchester firearms. He is well respected by his peers and throughout the industry for his involvement in the field. Scott has a presence at all major firearm shows across the United States. His focus has been greatly enabled by having immediate access to many sources of the grand era of the American Cowboy and Native American population, and subsequently has been able to spotlight phenomenal finds that are true “old west collectibles” within the industry.

Keeping the industry in the public eye and maintaining the love and respect for our western history alive through its artifacts has truly become Scott's dream. This year, from his headquarters located in Loveland, Colorado, he has stepped forward once again to bring the 2nd Annual Gun Western Collectibles Show to Durant, Oklahoma. Later this year, the 16th Annual New Frontier Show and Auction takes place in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Going forward, it is his passion to promote these events in order to preserve and amplify America’s heritage and the populace of our people that love the whole spectrum of weaponry, new and old. Scott feels confident that his dealers, clients, visitors, and enthusiasts alike will benefit from the broader market and larger collector population in the marketplace.

Quite simply, there is such a concentration of those who share the love and history of our Old West, and all its Grand Heritage, that he will continue to follow his passion by keeping this great history alive.

About Our Founder: Scott Tarbell