Firearm Show Rules, Regulation, Term, and Conditions

  1. The Show is conducted by New Frontier Enterprises under the following Terms and Conditions. New Frontier Enterprises is not responsible for, nor will be involved in any dispute between Vendor (seller) and Customer (buyer).
  2. No loaded firearms, magazines or clips are permitted in the Show.
  3. All cartridge firearms must be tied with a plastic tie and rendered inoperable prior to being displayed in the Show.
  4. No gunpowder will be permitted in the Show.
  5. No loose ammunition, except for unserviceable collector type, ammo or pyrotechnics will be permitted in the Show.
  6. No explosive devices, destructive devices, parts designed to convert a semi-automatic weapon to a fully-automatic firearm will be permitted in the Show.
  7. Certain firearm sales may be subject to background checks as applicable to federal, state and local firearm laws. Frontier Enterprises follows strict compliance with these laws.
  8. Items approved for sale at this Show are: Firearms; Knives; Cowboy and Indian artifacts, relics and memorabilia; Ammunition in original boxed quantity; approved Collectibles and Antiques; Jewelry. Any item(s) that falls outside these parameters, must be approved by the management of Frontier Enterprises prior to setting up your display. Management reserves the right to remove any item they deem unacceptable or unsuitable without liability or recourse to anyone.
  9. Vendors are personally responsible for the actions of ANYONE handling their firearms. This includes, but is not limited to owner, staff, family members, or the public given permission to handle the firearm. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to protect the Show, its fellow Vendors, the public at large from any unsafe handling practices. As previously stated, the Vendor holds harmless Frontier Enterprises, its agents, employees, representatives, security personnel, and Reno-Sparks Convention Center and its agents,
    employees or their representatives for any loss or damage from any cause suffered by any person or to any property in his/her possession. In conclusion, all Vendors expressly release Frontier Enterprises management and the above mentioned from any and all claims for loss, damage or injury.
  10. Frontier Enterprises strives to host events appropriate to everyone without regard to race, ethnicity or sex. Therefore, we prohibit ANY items that contain pornography; obscene language or gestures; Nazi, Fascist or Communist material. This Show, as all of
    Frontier Enterprises Shows encourage family participation and will not permit any item, literature or display that may be offensive to the general public. Any Vendor or visitor who is identified as breaking this rule will be asked to dismantle their display space or be escorted out of the Show immediately and without disruption.
  11. No Vendor application is accepted unless this agreement is printed, signed and dated. Unless the application is being completed online, then the “Agree to Show Rules” has been checked prior to submission.
  12. Vendors table fee allows for 2 Show badges. Additional badges are available or $20 each. It is a violation to give badges to anyone who is not a known Vendor at the Show.
  13. The Show will be open to the public Friday and Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; and Sunday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. All Vendors are required to have their tables uncovered and manned by the opening time each day. Additionally, Vendors are required to have their tables in a selling/Showing state until the end of day. At the end of each day, your display must be covered for the night prior to your leaving the Show space. The Show will end at 3:00 pm on Sunday. Vendors must not close their displays prior to that time unless specifically approved, prior to that day by Frontier Enterprises management.
  14. Tables must have table covers in good condition. They must cover the top and front of the tables so no item can be seen under the table from the aisle way. No bare tables will be permitted in the Show.
  15. Sub-leasing your display table(s) is/are strictly prohibited. Likewise, selling of your tablespace is prohibited. No exceptions.
  16. SIGNAGE: Table signs for interior tables may be no higher than 18” above the table. Tables on the perimeter against a wall may display wall signs not to exceed 8’ in height from the top of the sign. Frontier Enterprises reserves the right to remove any signage
    or banner that it considers inappropriate.
  17. Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be given within 60 days prior to the set-up day.
  18. Unforeseen events are beyond the control of Frontier Enterprises. Management cannot guarantee protection from loss or injury, for any reason. Should the Show premises be affected by circumstances beyond management’s control and the physical plant deemed unusable, this Agreement shall terminate. Vendors hereby waive any claim for incidental or consequential damages or compensation resulting from this inability to use the premises. Vendor agrees that Frontier Enterprises may withhold the portion of payments to cover management’s expenses toward the Show up to the moment the Show is canceled. Frontier Enterprises requires FFL dealers to conduct transfers and background checks. Management is not involved legal or otherwise regarding such transactions.

A copy of the “New” Reno Firearm Show Rules, Regulation, Term, and Conditions can be downloaded as a pdf here.